Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fabulous Fitness Books!

For those of you who want to get in shape, love learning new fitness tricks, or need some pointers on living a healthier life, check out these great Skyhorse books:

~Power Yoga: An Individualized Approach to Strength, Grace, and Inner Peace by Ulrica Norberg
Matt Hoover's Guide to Life, Love, and Losing Weight: Winner of the Biggest Loser TV Show! by Matt Hoover
~Knockout Fitness: Boxing Workouts to Get You in the Best Shape of Your Life by Andy and Jaime Dumas
~Eat Well Live Well with High Cholesterol: Low-Cholesterol Recipes and Tips by Karen Kingham
~Why the Chinese Don't Count Calories: 15 Secrets from a 3,000 Year-Old Food Culture by Lorraine Clissold

There are more selections at!

Great Books for Outdoor Sports Lovers!

Here at Skyhorse Publishing, we have a wide selection of books in several interest areas.
If you of someone you know loves hunting, fishing, or other outdoor sports, check out some of our great selections including:

· 1001 Hunting Tips and 1001 Fishing Tips by Lamar Underwood
· The Gigantic Hunting Book of Hunting Stories by John Graves
· Hilarious Hunting Cartoons by John Troy
· Ultimate Guide to U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics, and Techniques by the Department of the Army
· The Outdoor Handy Book by Daniel Carter Beard
· Vintage Guns: Collecting, Restoring, & Shooting Classic Firearms by Diggory Hadoke
· Gamefield Classics by Michael McIntosh and Bill Headrick
· Born a Hunter by Dwight Van Brunt

Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome to Skyhorse Publishing

Dear Readers, Customers, Authors, and Friends:

Welcome to the new Skyhorse Publishing blog! We opened our doors in September of 2006 committed to bringing to the world a broad mix of books. With more than 250 books already in print and approximately 150 planned for 2009, we've been thrilled with the response we've received from the press, booksellers, and readers, all of whom seem to appreciate our freewheeling, eclectic approach to book publishing.

Our core categories include outdoor sport, adventure, team sports, nature, country living, with a good dose of politics, true crime, history and military history, reference, and humor—practical, literary, and general trade. Whether you are looking for a practical guide to fly tying, a lively read about organized crime or the world of politics, or a unique book to give as a gift, we hope you'll find what you are looking for on our list.

This blog will list and describe our books and main topics — already published and forthcoming. We have great selections for all interests! For reviewers, authors, agents, and booksellers looking for information, please check out For consumers looking to buy our books, please turn to your favorite bookstore or e-retailer! And spread the word about our fantastic reading choices!

I hope you enjoy our books as much as we enjoy publishing them.
Tony Lyons, Publisher